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Microwave Test & Measurement Cables, Adapters and Components, DC-110 GHz

MegaPhase’s unique GrooveTube® Technology is the baseline material for many of our T&M cable products. GrooveTube® is differentiated from other cable technologies by its very flexible, pure copper outer conductor that creates a robust armor. Our high reliability products are known for:

  • Phase & Amplitude Stability
  • Measurement Repeatability
  • Extra Rugged Mechanical Strength

Interconnects for Systems Integration, DC-110 GHz

MegaPhase offers products in flexible, semi-rigid and hand formable coaxial cables operating from DC to 110 GHz. MegaPhase customers integrate ATE’s, antennas, instruments, sensors, radar, surveillance, electronic countermeasures, missile systems and spacecraft. MegaPhase holds 3 patents for specific connector designs, including high frequency hermetics for airborne systems.

  • 55+ Different Products Available
  • Wide Variety of Standard & Custom Connectors
  • Fast Deliveries, Great Service and Competitive Prices

RF Components

Passive RF components from MegaPhase cover a wide range of frequencies, power levels and applications. MegaPhase offers a variety of directional couplers, power dividers/combiners and quad hybrids in narrow band and ultra-broadband designs ranging from 0.5 MHz to 46 GHz. The in house engineering team brings decades of experience and knowledge designing and manufacturing RF components for military, commercial and space applications.

  • Choice of connector types
  • Designs for Low PIM (Passive Intermodulation)
  • Fast Turn Custom Design Capabilities

Recent News

Missles space

Missiles & Space

The MegaPhase GrooveTube® cable assemblies are the first to rendezvous with an asteroid, Itikawa. Our participation on the Hayabusa program concluded a 7-year mission with flawless telemetry. MegaPhase cables also support missile systems including SM3, Paveway II, NetFires, RF TOW and Griffin.

Global security

Global Security & C4ISR

MegaPhase is a leading provider to the US Armed Forces and its Allies. Our strong legacy of reliable past performance, relentless quality and technical capability the Warfighter can trust. With fast prototypes and ramp-to-production times, MegaPhase is a recognized leader for sensors, ECM, ISR and communications systems. Our heritage includes CREW, Prophet, TPS and JTRS, many featuring the Warrior Cable®.

Military airborne

Military Airborne & Unmanned Systems

MegaPhase designs and manufactures cable assemblies meeting the rigorous standards for Military airborne applications (MIL-T-81490). With a range of lightweight cable assemblies, including our patented high frequency hermetics, our heritage is expanding. Our products are employed on telemetry, ISR and EW systems including E-2D, ARES, VUIT-2, V-22, Hunter, CEC and Guardrail.

Telecom broadband

Telecom, Broadband & Mobile Backhaul

MegaPhase products offer very low insertion loss and low PIM (-165dBc). With capability through 110 GHz our products are installed in multi-gigabit data links and backhaul, and widely used in production and field test applications.


Instruments & Automated Testing

MegaPhase was built on providing phase stable external accessory cables for vector, scalar and spectrum measurements. Today our products are an important part of advanced automated test equipment systems for mobile devices, semiconductors, industrial automation and other RF and Microwave Components.

Satcom broadcast

SATCOM & Broadcast

MegaPhase supports a wide variety of antennas, ground communications and other critical components of integrated satellite communications systems. Our products are an essential link in the transmission and reception in a range of systems from Deep Space Network to commercial satellite radio.